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Other products

This is a page for decorated paperweights in many types of wood and with a range of inserts. 


Wood is not heavy enough to act as a paperweight on its own so they are filled with metal; they all weigh at least 300g (that's 10 ounces in old money).


The centre portion - in a carefully chosen contrasting wood,  patinated copper disc made by a friend, old coin or ceramic disc with picture by Katherine - serves to cover the hole where metal is poured and as an element of the design.

Please click on the thumbnails to see larger, and clearer, pictures.  ​Many of the pieces shown with prices are available for purchase through this web site.  Other pieces may be available at the various galleries which stock the work.


​Please note that the prices include postage and packing for mainland UK orders.  Charges are also quoted for delivery to some other countries; these are based roughly on the extra cost of posting abroad. Please contact us for prices elsewhere.



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