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Richard was always delighted to receive feedback on his work.  Recent examples include the following:

"Just wanted to let you know that N absolutely loved your bowl" F 

"It just arrived and it is beautiful!  Thank you." GH

"It looks wonderful. Very many thanks"  PB

“Thank you so much for the sycamore bowl and servers. Photographs cannot do justice to the exquisite craftsmanship. Not only are they beautiful to behold but they are wonderfully tactile and a joy to use.“SB

"Woodturner Richard Shock’s work is masterfully constructed with simple yet dramatic designs that you just want to touch - stunning! " JC

"I am very pleased with my purchase this morning. The ash bowl is quite lovely, and is on display in our front room" PF

"The wood pieces turned by Richard Shock are also striking, and his discus have a Greek-flavour, whilst other pieces are unusual in that the circular bowls include unexpected squares and other geometric shapes in contrasting veneers that make you look again." from Ox magazine review of the Oxfordshire Craft Guild Christmas Exhibition 2017

"I've just returned home to find your parcel and the box which is just perfect!" KW


"The bowl was a present to my brother and sister-in-law, who are delighted with it" BS

" Thanks for delivering the work which is all absolutely beautiful" IW Gallery owner


"I have collected the bowl and absolutely love it. It is for a gift but of course I am tempted to keep it..." SO


"I had been searching for a unique gift, something bespoke crafted with skill, beautiful to look at and hold, and the paperweight is perfect. Thank you so much!" JT


"Just wanted to let you know that my brother really liked the plate.  He has already decided where to display it when they get home." AG


"I am so thrilled with the bowls - thankyou" SG


"Just to let you know that the paperweights were very well received" SR


"This is to let you how delighted I am with the new bowl.  It really does look superb in situ and the patterned band is just perfect" SN


"We just received the bowl. It fulfilled all our expectations. Very beautiful." CAB


"Just wanted to tell you that your bowl was the object of much admiration, indeed lots of touching and almost worship, when I used it yesterday evening at a dinner party" TF


"Your beautiful bowl arrived yesterday. Many thanks!" MS


"Richard’s beautiful bowl sits on our counter, holding our fresh fruit every day and has withstood the business and abuse of a household of young children for more than six years. Still looks as lovely as the day we bought it!" JT


".... a truly lovely bowl. Thank you for making it." TK


"Many thanks Richard! I love the table top - truly fabulous!" AR


Adored by Arabella Dymoke on Seek and Adore "I love the tactile qualities of this bowl and its quirkiness.".


Adored by Trish Lorenz on Seek and Adore "Simply beautiful material and beautifully simple design".

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