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Paperweight in leadwood with an inset crown from the Queen's jubilee (1977).  Leadwood is a very dense wood but like all my paperweights the centre is full of metal to give it the weight to function properly.  Sold in a presentation box.

Dust as necessary - it weighs nearly 450 grams (one pound in old money) so don't drop it on your foot!

Dimension - Diameter: 10.7cm Height: 3.5cm

Gift boxed paperweight in leadwood with jubilee crown

SKU: leadwood2955
  • Postage and Packing is included in the quoted price for sales within the UK. For sales to some other countries, the extra price is included at checkout. They are approximately as follows: Europe £10 Channel Islands £10 Canada and USA £15 Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Taiwan £20
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