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Small bowl in ash with the outside dyed black.  I don't often dye wood but ash takes a dye well as the grain shows through making a beautiful decorated pattern.The finish of the inside is paraffin oil which is non-toxic so it's fine for crisps or nuts.If used for display the colours will fade if kept in direct sunlight. If used for nuts or crisps, any cleaning should be done with a damp cloth followed by immediate drying. If so used, the surface will become mottled in time. In that case, the surface should be sanded with a very fine abrasive (eg wire wool 0000) and then coated with any cooking oil applied with a paper towel and left to dry for 24 hours.Dimensions - Diameter: 14cm Height: 5.2cm 

Small bowl in dyed ash

  • Postage and Packing is included in the quoted price for sales within the UK. For sales to some other countries, the extra price is included at checkout. They are approximately as follows: Europe £5 Channel Islands £5 Canada and USA £7 Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Taiwan £10
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