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Discus in ash with inlays of bubinga, one of the few tropical hardwoods I use.  The bubinga shows different colours around the piece with the red being the heartwood of the tree and the grey the sapwood.  The centre piece has been careful cut to include timber from the meeting point of heartwood and sapwood.  The grain continues across the gap with bubinga spacers.

These forms are purely for display and their infinite variability gives a freshness when seen at different angles; the discus is fixed to the base with a bolt which can be loosened and then tightened to control the angle of rotation of the discus though a full 360 degrees.

The base, with its elegantly curved support, is made of ash.

Diameter of discus: 30cm, height of piece: 28cm, Depth: 18cm

Inlay discus in ash and bubinga

SKU: ash2000
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