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Medium sized bowl in sapele (a sustainable alternative to mahogany) with multiline inlays in a range of woods. As I usually do with bowls of this design, the rim is undercut. Suitable as a bowl for keeping things in, eg your keys, or just for decorative purposes.To prevent the colours from fading do not stand the bowl permanently in direct sunlight. The finish of the bowl is carnauba wax which is non-toxic and hard wearing. Any cleaning should be done with a damp cloth followed by immediate drying. If so used, the surface will become mottled in time especially from the waxes carried by many fruits. In that case, the surface should be sanded with a very fine abrasive (eg wire wool 0000) and then coated with any cooking oil applied with a paper towel and left to dry for 24 hours.Dimensions - Diameter: 25cm Height: 4.8cm

Inlaid bowl in sapele

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