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This bowl is another one I have made from a plank of horse chestnut which was planted on a ducal estate in Northamptonshire and has been carbon dated to 1710 plus or minus 10 years hence either Queen Anne or King George I was on the throne of Great Britain when it was planted. I can provide the latitude and longitude of where it grew


Not only does it have the historical connection but it also happens to have a lot of beautiful rippling in the figuring so is a superb piece of wood.  For that reason, and because horse chestnut is rather friable, so does not take detail well, I have finished it with just a half bead next to the undercut rim. That leaves the figuring to speak for itself.


It is finished with carnauba wax, which is non-toxic, so it can be used for nuts, crisps or fruit, or for keeping things in, or just as a display, decorative piece to look at the colours and shapes.


Diameter 26cm, height 5cm

Horse chestnut bowl

SKU: horsechestnut2856
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