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Richard had been turning wood in his workshop in Oxford, UK for several years making a wide range of products, including bowls and platters, many with his signature multi-line inlays, as well as sculptural pieces.  He made one-off pieces, both functional and artistic, and covering a wide range of prices, always with an eye to quality, design and beauty.


Please visit the shop galleries on this site to see examples his work or look at the list of outlets and exhibitions where it is on display.


Please contact us to get more information about work in the galleries.

The star piece for winter 2019 is one of his new discus art forms made from a horse chestnut tree known to have been planted in about 1710; the diameter is 34cm.

Discus Nov 19.jpg

It is with great regret that we have

to inform visitors that

Richard Shock died in December 2019.

Please do visit this site that has details of his work.  If you would like to purchase any pieces please contact to see if what you seek is still available.

We can meet some orders through this website site - but please check by email first to make sure that the site is up to date and that any item you would like to purchase is truly in stock.

In trying to send a wooden  gift to friends in New Zealand we have discovered that it is impossible to courier anything wooden to that country.  We therefore we must advise visitors to this web site that it will not be possible to order work from New Zealand (or Australia).

Any information you supply, email and name, will be stored securely and data will be neither given nor sold to anyone else .

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